Dancing Silhouettes

Dancing silhouettes in the blackness of the night

Flickering souls rising to the stars

The stars are viewing and admiring the waltz of creation

Bright and sad is the making of life

The swirling, twirling and spinning of the elements combined with the vibrational sounds

The emptiness of the vast universe is filled with exuberance and ecstasy

I see you my spiritual guide looking down at my suffering

Why are you taking my soul  to the depths of  the twilight

To the raw meaning of being and appreciation

I see the shining path laying steps towards the heavens

Working hard towards accession

I see my body in its heaviness being stuck in a loop of time

Is the sound of emptiness here to heal my spirit

You are giving me desires to go deep inside my mind where I see brightness

Do not leave me now when I most need you

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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