Love your higher self

When I listen to you at night, my mind is so peaceful

You, my true identity explain the universe with such few words

My imagination is vibrating to higher realms of adoration

Those terrible conversations we used to have in the dark days

You never gave up on me, you always worship my human identity

Locked in that dark room you stayed for years starving of growth

I was vile when you only offered kindness and empowerment

I am here now embracing your existence and knowledge

Not late I hope, to ask forgiveness and give you my mind and soul

I want to learn the path of love, love my higher self

You are eternal in the essence of all existences and I am just a shell

I crave for your inner wisdom and nourishment of my thoughts

Show me your magic, my inseparable ray of the universe

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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