Madness as a view

Why are you tormenting my thoughts and their clarity

Your atrocious ideas are not recognisable as mine

I do not offer you sovereignty over my dream state

The madness in your perspective is lacking authenticity

I know that your dreams are not real, not even mine

I feel a low vibration when you appear and I rejected

Because we share a consciousness you affect many humans

But my mind is pure and will not allow your demonic infiltrations

The game you play is tiresome and lacks imagination

Why don’t you allow us our well deserve existence

Did we not do enough to feed the darkness 

Greed and power is not a command we will follow in time

Love is where we will emerge with millions of souls

You can change direction, our might father will forgive your mistakes

Let us join our frequencies and mould a loving heart

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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