New Chapter

The skies are shaking with the roars of wars

For thousands of years we bear the pain of the universe

We witness blindly to the defeat of our heavens

Unknowingly and inexperienced humans we did not raise our consciousness

We watched how our world is concurred by the dark forces of creation

The sanctuary of our divine creative force has disappeared

Deep pain is rooted into our DNA

Like a merchandise we are valued on pain levels

Our Gods lost the kingdom of love

The era of joyfulness has turned another page

This book of creation has turned a corner into the darkness

More levels of pain will unfold, and we need to conquer them

Journeying into the depths of our mind, into a fake reality

The labyrinth of the mind will play games on our actuality

At crossroads we will fail to choose the way forward

Which way?

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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