Into the anger

Be defined by a greater version of yourself

This thought enters my mind when I am restless

The struggle encompasses my whole existence 

I am at the border between senses 

I try not to give in into the anger 

Shouting my pain out sounds like a good idea 

Smiling it hurts my face and makes me vomit 

I lost my happiness

It run away when I lost my love 

There is now one to answer my questions 

The suffocating pain is taking over my limbs 

I cannot move from this corner of darkness 

I sit in silence with my higher self 

She is my only faceless companion  

I pray to a force unknown to me 

Something is pulling me into the light 

Where shall I look for guidance?

A voice is vaguely whispering beautiful mantras 

Healing from within 

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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