My energy

I cry, I cry, I cry 

Beautiful music is vibrating my senses 

Only tears appear 

They drop with the speed of pain

I feel a cleansing force overtaking my mind 

Love is filling my soul and body 

This human shell is feeling again 

Pain, love, hope, light, darkness 

I cry, I cry, I cry 

My essence is leaving my body 

Where it is going 

From the shadows I see a passageway

Perdition has been assigned to my soul 

Wicked ways to make me suffer in death as I am in living 

I did not lost my faith 

The dullness of my live corrupt my soul 

I cry, I cry, I cry 

My song is in its last verse 

The dancing is approaching to Sauter 

Over the edge I leap into infinite hope 

Calmness overtakes my senses 

I cry, I cry, I cry 

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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