It is of night and day 

That I marvel my way 

Spin around, still, I cannot stay 

I am dizzy with too many rays 

They light me up and show me delays 

At crossroads I must sway 

Moving slowly in the right way 

I cannot betray, then they 

Will chase me out and lost I will stay 

Loneliness it is just a phase 

But how can I be the blaze 

If all I must betray 

I glaze into my mind 

So many plays are shown to me 

A one future portrays decay 

And other many shows me chains 

Why should I obey this cliché? 

Am I not made of clay? 

What elixir pours through my veins 

Too tired to play so many games 

If all is to go into flames 

The darkness is not going to reign 

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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