Despair amour

Stay in my arms, let us get lost in our thoughts of love 

Seconds pass but time is unknown where is amour

I remember the days of intense staring at each other 

Maybe the other will give up first and all will be forgiven

With each tear, my soul is running into hiding 

The wall is rising to shield me from more suffering 

My love for you is so pure and gentle, unspoiled 

Taken away now by the wings of despair and pain

Floating lost into the unknown spreading agony 

Stay with me and let us build a fortress of happiness 

Take my tears away and crystallise them into memories 

Long forgotten reminiscences of a time of hopelessness 

Stay with me and warm my being with cherished moments 

My existence is linear without you in my sight 

Show me how to expand and transform this needful soul

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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