Faceless desire

Through the rhythm of time we danced into celebration

We merged into tunes of speculation and dreams of exaltations

You hold my hand, tight, afraid this moment will disappear

Your breath smells like strawberries, with a hint of lavender

My walls are crushed, and I am awakening to the nightmare I am living

Another moment and we merge into a beautiful memory

I miss your soft voice, the tone of confidence you emanate

A dance for an orchestra of incantation, our souls are voicing

The little sad girl in my head is begging for your presence

Miserable are her thoughts, feeble images she inflicts upon me

This human shell of mine doesn’t feel pain or love, fear

Those are distant feelings, lost in a moment in time, far away

Pleading for the galactic distance to narrow down

My dreams, my dreams, my dreams of you portray

A faceless man into an unknown circumstance

Shining light embraces my memories of the days we were one

This rhythm of vibration which I cannot shake out of my brain is hurting

Voices and tonnes are surrounding me with your embracing hands

Let me go, man of the past and the future, my destiny is not here

My dreams, my dreams, my dreams are absent of feelings

This struggle is tiresome and unpredictable upon my heart

 A moment of peace I need to allow you in, but why?

The contradiction inside my head is exploding with every word

Every cell of my body is awakening to the resonance of your soul

Faceless man, why do you appear in my waking dream?

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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