The dream inside the game

I wondered through time and space to find you

The dreams I sent your way did not voice my message

We speak a different language, in tonne and meaning

Between these walls of different realities, I feel lost

I want to talk to you, why can you not hear me?

I do not shout but I insist to be heard, to be seen

I have a tale of love to narrate, to express in feelings

My sketch of the endless void it has your soul encapsulated

Our romance hasn’t even started, and it is lost in time

Open your mind and perceive my possibilities

If you identify the blur which is me, I can come out

But I can see that you don’t want to catch sight of me

Like a ghost I wonder inside this realm

Don’t be afraid, we will adventure into life together

Learn, explore, understand and transform

Come join me into the house of cards I build for you

Each card is a possibility, notice the game?

The rules are simple, but you need to talk to me

This house will never break or disappoint you

Being trapped between your heart and mind is frustrating

This dreamless desire has meaning at its core

Nothing comes from nothingness

The dreams we experience together show clues of the game

The game of living portrays a beautiful picture

But only if you could see it,

Being blind is a gift, you can see but don’t want to follow

Why are you so stubborn?

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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