Flame of the past

Cycles of eons passed, and you are still here

A constant, moulded within the landscape

Part of history and its making

Tucked into the shadows of nature 

Puppeting the humankind, controlling faith

young girl, dreaming, always in the realm of wonders

wishing for adventures and praying for obsoletion

fragile is your nature but everchanging

the game of hopes and scenarios have burst into flames

the fire of life, burned through the misery of reality

boundless by visualising inspiration

this fire, your fire is burning with intensity

lit in the stove by the door, poor house

memories of an old existence, inflate your pain

warming those dirty breakable bones

the sound of scorching and rustling

has always been music to those aching ears

unlocking forgotten reminiscences

with lost keys, that should’ve stayed unlocked 

too many voices within this realm want your soul

whispers, heavy with meaning guide this constant flame

fear, has engulfed your senses, nothing looks the same

you are stronger than more beings, young girl

let the flame burn through those sensations        

the perfervid fire is cleansing your consciousness

accept your path and leave this realm in peace

By Victoria Odey

Inspire Creativity

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