Void of creation

I see a point in time, expanding its boundaries 

Limitless are its corners with shapes unknown to men 

Sculpting matter from the eternal void 

Life is blown in each shape and matter is heavy

Celestial bodies are created in the big endeavour

The happiness in being is psychedelic 

The happiness in abundance of realms is immense 

The place of the eternal fire is just a point now

Forgotten by all followers, unremembered, lost 

Burning and burning its everlasting wisdom

The eternal fire is awake and the smoke is intoxicating

Endless waves are descending into the clouds of memory 

Ready to give, ready to flow, ready to cultivate 


Tears of love

Drop, drop, drop my tears are falling

Catch them in your palms 

Drink from my potion of suffering 

Taste the feeling of despair 

Wet your lips with my essence

Relish the desire hidden in them 

Stories they narrate and write 

Suffering in a loop of time 

Pure is the love they emanate

They have no aroma but weight 

A heaviness glimpse is shown 

Drop, drop, drop they fall 

To nurture the soul



I know nothing and nothing knows me

I come from nowhere and yet I am part of everything 

Everywhere I look is something familiar 

Something is tuning in the essence of time 

Turning and churning familiarity 

In the womb, like in a tomb 

Always in need of something to swirl  

Tears are carried in moments of time 

Drops in the ocean of multitude 

I have no home and no meaning 

Yet I am needed in the fabric of creation 

Glorified warrior on light 


The shadows in the trees

Water is falling on the leaves 

Like droplets of food it nourishes

Battered by time the trunk stays strong 

Days and nights pass and age is not time 

Inner work is done constantly 

To build a sturdy statement 

The tree allows nature to nurture 

Nature is kind with all who receive

The essence of reality

Migrate from superficial to harmony

Physicality of the body is artificial 

The soul is the emotional library 

Which needs nurture and contemplation 


Joy of being

Long in time, the ways have unfolded

The house of cards has fallen into unbalance

With desire comes creation 

Who preys on the creative spirit?

Who is waiting patiently to unravel the authenticity? 

I am learning, developing and assimilating ideas 

To be used to explain the path of the truth

Creating meaning to reach the sacred cloud of consciousness 

To be a servant of the truth which is cultivated 

Growing is my crop of ideas 

Time is unravelling in front of my eyes

Truth is coming in rays of light 

Waves of beautiful sacred secrets are shown 

Light is restoring the body 

Health is upon us



It is of night and day 

That I marvel my way 

Spin around, still, I cannot stay 

I am dizzy with too many rays 

They light me up and show me delays 

At crossroads I must sway 

Moving slowly in the right way 

I cannot betray, then they 

Will chase me out and lost I will stay 

Loneliness it is just a phase 

But how can I be the blaze 

If all I must betray 

I glaze into my mind 

So many plays are shown to me 

A one future portrays decay 

And other many shows me chains 

Why should I obey this cliché? 

Am I not made of clay? 

What elixir pours through my veins 

Too tired to play so many games 

If all is to go into flames 

The darkness is not going to reign 


Into the anger

Be defined by a greater version of yourself

This thought enters my mind when I am restless

The struggle encompasses my whole existence 

I am at the border between senses 

I try not to give in into the anger 

Shouting my pain out sounds like a good idea 

Smiling it hurts my face and makes me vomit 

I lost my happiness

It run away when I lost my love 

There is now one to answer my questions 

The suffocating pain is taking over my limbs 

I cannot move from this corner of darkness 

I sit in silence with my higher self 

She is my only faceless companion  

I pray to a force unknown to me 

Something is pulling me into the light 

Where shall I look for guidance?

A voice is vaguely whispering beautiful mantras 

Healing from within 


My energy

I cry, I cry, I cry 

Beautiful music is vibrating my senses 

Only tears appear 

They drop with the speed of pain

I feel a cleansing force overtaking my mind 

Love is filling my soul and body 

This human shell is feeling again 

Pain, love, hope, light, darkness 

I cry, I cry, I cry 

My essence is leaving my body 

Where it is going 

From the shadows I see a passageway

Perdition has been assigned to my soul 

Wicked ways to make me suffer in death as I am in living 

I did not lost my faith 

The dullness of my live corrupt my soul 

I cry, I cry, I cry 

My song is in its last verse 

The dancing is approaching to Sauter 

Over the edge I leap into infinite hope 

Calmness overtakes my senses 

I cry, I cry, I cry 


New Chapter

The skies are shaking with the roars of wars

For thousands of years we bear the pain of the universe

We witness blindly to the defeat of our heavens

Unknowingly and inexperienced humans we did not raise our consciousness

We watched how our world is concurred by the dark forces of creation

The sanctuary of our divine creative force has disappeared

Deep pain is rooted into our DNA

Like a merchandise we are valued on pain levels

Our Gods lost the kingdom of love

The era of joyfulness has turned another page

This book of creation has turned a corner into the darkness

More levels of pain will unfold, and we need to conquer them

Journeying into the depths of our mind, into a fake reality

The labyrinth of the mind will play games on our actuality

At crossroads we will fail to choose the way forward

Which way?


I am prey

I close my eyes to find enlightenment 

The only imagine portraying is the small red eyes examining me 

From hollow, lifeless trees they are observing me, their pray

The birds of darkness have taken away my soul layer 

I am left watching them in despair flying away with my happiness

I am forever dead looking for a divine light 

Every soul emits a tone 

I struggle to listen to my aligned vibration 

Lost, I stumble in the light as I see clearer in the dark