Bloom in time

Pink cherry blossom with white petals

Dancing in the music of the wind

These old roots are telling the story of the forgotten time

Fragile beautiful shapes of flowers floating with life

When the meaning of life was in every aspect of nature

Our souls were happier and grateful joy was spread in heavens

Wordly heavens are changing shapes

Drops of happiness are trickling inside the ground

Nurturing the seeds of growth

Waves of knowledge can be shared and spread

Are we all sensing the changes of time

The blackout is losing its power

Open are the gates towards nirvana

In its idyllic paradise view

Ouls souls are reborn in time


The snake has to die

Like a serpent slithering in the shadows

You are flowing with your magnetism

Attracting the calls and music of the darkness

Growing and nurture is your mission

Hide in the depths of the Vulcano

Building a destructive world who is crying for the mother

The souls of the undying are begging for forgiveness

Effortless your venom spreads fear and anger

We are gentle souls beyond forgiveness

That’s what you are saying,  wicked snake

Great is the creator and he will liberate us

Awakening the soul will illuminate us

As a spectator, we will watch your falling

As an actor, we will labour your trial

Dying is the snake of the illusion

Dying is the snake of the confusion


Dancing Silhouettes

Dancing silhouettes in the blackness of the night

Flickering souls rising to the stars

The stars are viewing and admiring the waltz of creation

Bright and sad is the making of life

The swirling, twirling and spinning of the elements combined with the vibrational sounds

The emptiness of the vast universe is filled with exuberance and ecstasy

I see you my spiritual guide looking down at my suffering

Why are you taking my soul  to the depths of  the twilight

To the raw meaning of being and appreciation

I see the shining path laying steps towards the heavens

Working hard towards accession

I see my body in its heaviness being stuck in a loop of time

Is the sound of emptiness here to heal my spirit

You are giving me desires to go deep inside my mind where I see brightness

Do not leave me now when I most need you


The struggle of the human soul

The depths of the soul are emerging gloriously to the light

How did we fall so deep in the darkness

Where are the steps to Heaven

Did they shattered in time

Have they lost faith in humanity

Where is the promised spiritual balance

I only see and feel darkness and despair

Our souls are stalling at the gateway to heaven

Why are we not moving towards the tunnel of light

Are we stuck in a realm of loops

How can we emerge glorious like our ancestors

The rainbow and light ones

Are we abandoning our collective faith in positivity

When did we separate our faith, race, language and society

We are all one and ONE is all


Go away voices 

Go away voices

Go away voices

Go away voices

Like a drum, my mind is booming

With ideas, hopes and plans

Keep inside my blood tears

My spiritual cry is louder and louder

Anxious to start my awakening

I am my own maker, spirit and hero

My soul is like the rain, evaporates in the midst of the reality

Cold and wet are the fellings inspired by my voices

Should I listen or should I flow

My soul is trapped in the echo of the past

Noise and chartered is expanding into my consciousness

Should it rain with light and thunder

And my voices will disappear in the night

Rainbow dreams are my saviours


I will be Leaf

As a leaf moves in the gentle breeze

My mind wanders to the idea of movement

Do we move left to right or do we move right to left

Back, forwards or forwards to back

Does everything has a circular movement or it is all just chaotic

Is the leaf moving or it is moved through a process

Can a leaf withstand wind and refuse to move

Can we be more like a leaf and move with the wind

Or do we like to feel grounded in the essence of the mother

Where we shadow our existence

Do we all have to journey into our shadows?


Green is life

Green is rot inside my soul

Green is life in an absurd

Why did green’s duplicity split the human authenticity

Growth and green are nurturing our nature decaying its essence

When the Mother will awake

Our souls will be define

By the death of the masses, our family is suffering

Her love for us is interchanging

From a gently motherly touch to an angered roar

Wrath and fury will inhabit our existence

Our Mother must not die

We are strong when we are in alignment

We are green and green is life


Movement in time

On a busy day, time is detrimental

You can learn to breathe or you can choose to be motionless

Inert is our vision of deadliness

Time is more than just a clock

Time is more than just a measure

Time is life beyond space and consciousness

Time equals evolution and transformation

Who are we to understand and define time

When we don’t apprehend its potential and flexibility

How do we correlate and harmonize with time

When we just Ignore it?


Blood be lost

The earth is red with the blood of the ancestors

The crimson mist is filling our fragile lungs

The taste is still in the putrefied darkness of our mother

Deep inside the soil, our blood feeds the serpent

Nourishing its maligned hunger for deadly sins spoken by the father

The heinous serpent of power suffocates light souls

Taking away the divine sparks and induces darkness

Rooted deep inside Gaia the music of change is vibrating

Our time will come when we will all be aligned with the ancestors

Blood for blood


O my star

Lift me higher to the realm of the stars

I am one with the Creator

Looking down to the midst of life

I see the little ants marching on

I am a star now, bright and hollow

Glorious above perfection

Sparkling light I beam to my fellow ants

Light be their path, light be their soul

As one day we will be one with The One 

Struggle comes with the soul of light

Millions of particles are in a human consciousness

Never clear, never wrong

Be your path under the cyan

Let it mould you, let it forge you

Up above it’s all so clear