Window of the soul

Look inside at the vibrational movement

The reverence of the waves is cunning

As an inexperienced medium we behave

Channelling unknown spiritual beings

We are looking for answers when they are looking for a home

To nest their unappealing desires

They see through our window of the soul

They can vibrate at higher levels and inhabit our minds

Our souls are fragile fruits of divinity

Who will allow to be inhabited will suffer

A suffering which cannot be explained

The window of the soul cannot be shut

But can be alarmed with the divine protection

The light of God is shining  upon us


Ray of light

In the ray of light, you shine so powerful

I elude towards my thinking and we start a conversation 

There is no mind to nurture darkness 

It has been thought by the tormentors 

To the feeble beings willing to follow 

There is just light when one begins to live 

The mind is pure with divine knowledge 

Its beauty upsets the balance of devilry 

The duality of one’s existence is shifting 

The ray of light appears to have a shadow 

Time will decide which balance will show 


Madness as a view

Why are you tormenting my thoughts and their clarity

Your atrocious ideas are not recognisable as mine

I do not offer you sovereignty over my dream state

The madness in your perspective is lacking authenticity

I know that your dreams are not real, not even mine

I feel a low vibration when you appear and I rejected

Because we share a consciousness you affect many humans

But my mind is pure and will not allow your demonic infiltrations

The game you play is tiresome and lacks imagination

Why don’t you allow us our well deserve existence

Did we not do enough to feed the darkness 

Greed and power is not a command we will follow in time

Love is where we will emerge with millions of souls

You can change direction, our might father will forgive your mistakes

Let us join our frequencies and mould a loving heart


Love your higher self

When I listen to you at night, my mind is so peaceful

You, my true identity explain the universe with such few words

My imagination is vibrating to higher realms of adoration

Those terrible conversations we used to have in the dark days

You never gave up on me, you always worship my human identity

Locked in that dark room you stayed for years starving of growth

I was vile when you only offered kindness and empowerment

I am here now embracing your existence and knowledge

Not late I hope, to ask forgiveness and give you my mind and soul

I want to learn the path of love, love my higher self

You are eternal in the essence of all existences and I am just a shell

I crave for your inner wisdom and nourishment of my thoughts

Show me your magic, my inseparable ray of the universe


Labyrinth of the mind

I see the flickering lights in the real of the consciousness

The linear vision of a human mind is unable to penetrate

The wall of the subconsciousness greatness

The complexity of the labyrinth of the mind is an intelligent process

Nowhere is the master plan more explained then in a meditation state

The intention of the design is to levitate our mental state

The labyrinth of the mind is oneness with the creator

The multitude of networks are evolutionary marbles

But who can clearly see this  entanglement of thoughts

We the avatars for the mind are lost in the labyrinth


Talking with God

Once you used to talk to me, my father

Listen to my thoughts of love and joy

Once you used to come to dinner, once

Long talks about life we used to have

When did I allow the darkness in

What aspects of darkness are living with me

Confusion splatters my mind continuously

I am lost, O father, God of All

My mind is a follower, not a leader

The union between mind and soul is weak and fragile

The union between mind and ego it grows stronger

My soul is waiting to come towards you

I have to fulfil its ultimate purpose, expression of God in service to God


Patterns in chaos

Patterns in chaos are revealed to me when the night falls

The light it is lifted for who would like to recognise the illusion

The darkness encompasses who is not able to perceive

Patterns in chaos are our hidden enemy in the mosaic of life

All that had happened it will happen again and again

Repetition of chaos is the root of evolution

Why is darkness our core link to natural advancement

When did light become a spiritual relative lost with our ancestors

Patterns in chaos are erupting endless cycles of choices

The flow of beginnings and endings symbolizes growth

The power of now is what patterns in time do not show

I encompass my true mind, true self, the true path in time


Fumes of time

Fumes of creation are spreading by the wind

Embodying our worries and anxieties in this existence

Calcifying our bodies development, mind and soul

Our fragile human suit cannot withstand the power of smoke

The feeling of belonging is lost in this material world

The feeling of power is winning with every inhalation

Vapours of disillusion are celebrated in time

Shaping the path of the future with blur

Modelling all captions of time with  intriguing games

Sculpturing players with default inferior settings

The fumes are playing the trick of creation

The sadness of life is moulded in our genes with smoke


The power of light

Is the power of light used in deceit

Harnessed by the games of darkness

Infiltrated by the voices from beneath

Voices singing and praising another path

The power of light is at war in this dimension

A spiritual war unseen by the human eye

Is the power of light coming down from concealed heavens

Is the power of light beaming up from the hidden abyss

My heart is aking for a call, my heart is sinking into a song

The voices speaking to my kind are deceiving us

The power of light will bring pure healing energy

We are light bodies in a human experience

We are the true power of light, warriors of light


Rivers in my mind

In a deep state of mind, rivers flow inside me

Aggressive waters are expanding their limitations

Sinking the dark forces filled with temptations

Waves of understanding are trickling to the surface

Bubbles with messages are exploding in the waters

The vibrational sounds are interfering with the essence

What is the meaning of the river inside me

Looking through the bubbles I can see reality

Reborn is my soul from the depths of the river

Resurrected are my light desires

Ripples of meaning are slowly reinstated

The rivers inside me are flushing the abstraction of thought

My body is under water and I am new again