Into the anger

Be defined by a greater version of yourself

This thought enters my mind when I am restless

The struggle encompasses my whole existence 

I am at the border between senses 

I try not to give in into the anger 

Shouting my pain out sounds like a good idea 

Smiling it hurts my face and makes me vomit 

I lost my happiness

It run away when I lost my love 

There is now one to answer my questions 

The suffocating pain is taking over my limbs 

I cannot move from this corner of darkness 

I sit in silence with my higher self 

She is my only faceless companion  

I pray to a force unknown to me 

Something is pulling me into the light 

Where shall I look for guidance?

A voice is vaguely whispering beautiful mantras 

Healing from within 


My energy

I cry, I cry, I cry 

Beautiful music is vibrating my senses 

Only tears appear 

They drop with the speed of pain

I feel a cleansing force overtaking my mind 

Love is filling my soul and body 

This human shell is feeling again 

Pain, love, hope, light, darkness 

I cry, I cry, I cry 

My essence is leaving my body 

Where it is going 

From the shadows I see a passageway

Perdition has been assigned to my soul 

Wicked ways to make me suffer in death as I am in living 

I did not lost my faith 

The dullness of my live corrupt my soul 

I cry, I cry, I cry 

My song is in its last verse 

The dancing is approaching to Sauter 

Over the edge I leap into infinite hope 

Calmness overtakes my senses 

I cry, I cry, I cry 


New Chapter

The skies are shaking with the roars of wars

For thousands of years we bear the pain of the universe

We witness blindly to the defeat of our heavens

Unknowingly and inexperienced humans we did not raise our consciousness

We watched how our world is concurred by the dark forces of creation

The sanctuary of our divine creative force has disappeared

Deep pain is rooted into our DNA

Like a merchandise we are valued on pain levels

Our Gods lost the kingdom of love

The era of joyfulness has turned another page

This book of creation has turned a corner into the darkness

More levels of pain will unfold, and we need to conquer them

Journeying into the depths of our mind, into a fake reality

The labyrinth of the mind will play games on our actuality

At crossroads we will fail to choose the way forward

Which way?


I am prey

I close my eyes to find enlightenment 

The only imagine portraying is the small red eyes examining me 

From hollow, lifeless trees they are observing me, their pray

The birds of darkness have taken away my soul layer 

I am left watching them in despair flying away with my happiness

I am forever dead looking for a divine light 

Every soul emits a tone 

I struggle to listen to my aligned vibration 

Lost, I stumble in the light as I see clearer in the dark 


The wheel of life

The war is coming to men kind 

The wheel of life is broken and weak 

The spinning has stopped its flow 

The purpose of creation went backwards 

The wheel of life is unbalanced 

The pin in the middle has rotten 

Under eons of time the pin has fulfilled  

Accomplished its commitment 

Always spinning and modelling fabric of life 

Everything has an expiry date 

The wheel of destruction is watching 


The game maker

Through blood and time, the unleashed have been hunting human kind 

We were conned with material belongings and the power of manipulation

The sparkling lights of ignorance are blinding our fragile minds 

The game makers of heaven and hell are rejoicing in the blood of the innocent 

Playing games is an entertainment for the gods and their wickedness

Life is only given to experiment with freedom of choice 

Inflicting pain is the ultimate objective for the game makers 

To see or not to see is the choice which the flowers of Earth are ignoring 


The eyes of the underworld

Now I cross into existence, Now I cross into beyond 

I walk the miles into the unknown distance 

My eyes are shut, glued to the core of the invisible world 

The eyes of the underworld are staring at me 

Lurking into the realm of desire, hankering my pure innocence 

There is no natural rhythm of evolution and unfolding 

Blindness’ is a perpetual wheel of development 

The only eternal teaching that the visible world has 

The eyes of the underworld are seizing all hope 

Like an army of the death they are endlessly interfering 


Darkness of not knowing

In the light of the day I can see the wholeness 

In the light of the night I can see the fracture 

We are all fragmented and unbalanced 

Looking for a side to lay down our armour 

The darkness of not knowing which side to favour 

Walking with knowledge entitles sacrifice

The light has thought us how to glimpse forward 

The night is showing us the birth of the darkness 

How do I perceive through the eyes of fire 

What is the message I should decipher?

Work on what has decayed shouts in my head 

The mental discomfort of not knowing is draining 

I am on the path of walking with knowledge 

But which darkness do I embrace the light or the night 


Shadow dance

I am dancing with my shadow self 

A dance of knowing and discovery 

Looking for a balance which I can maintain 

The tango of the masculine and feminine drains me 

The continuous conflict of power is exhausting on my mind 

Like a manipulated puppet I fell birthing hope 

My soul essence is incorporating my shadow 

Like a black rose I bloom in the night’s mystery 

Grasping every molecule of enlightenment, I encounter 

Raising my awareness to see the teachings of my soul 

The tango of shadows is telling me a story 

A story which I am yet to discover and appreciate 

I will dance with my shadow until I evaporate 


Dream away

In the bubble of the night I rejoice with my eternal self 

In the consecrated secrecy of my mind I encounter voices 

Are these my voices or coming from the energy field surrounding us

I feel the intensity of their darkness and I try shielding my shadow 

They will corrupt every mind on their way towards the surface 

Millions are living inside the fire of our cosmos core 

I dream them away from my reality and envision their egress 

When my mind is peaceful, I peel layer by layer the hopelessness

Despair is what I am left with but I dream myself away into nature 

Surrounding myself with the healing energy from the Mother