The wheel of life

The war is coming to men kind 

The wheel of life is broken and weak 

The spinning has stopped its flow 

The purpose of creation went backwards 

The wheel of life is unbalanced 

The pin in the middle has rotten 

Under eons of time the pin has fulfilled  

Accomplished its commitment 

Always spinning and modelling fabric of life 

Everything has an expiry date 

The wheel of destruction is watching 


The game maker

Through blood and time, the unleashed have been hunting human kind 

We were conned with material belongings and the power of manipulation

The sparkling lights of ignorance are blinding our fragile minds 

The game makers of heaven and hell are rejoicing in the blood of the innocent 

Playing games is an entertainment for the gods and their wickedness

Life is only given to experiment with freedom of choice 

Inflicting pain is the ultimate objective for the game makers 

To see or not to see is the choice which the flowers of Earth are ignoring 


The eyes of the underworld

Now I cross into existence, Now I cross into beyond 

I walk the miles into the unknown distance 

My eyes are shut, glued to the core of the invisible world 

The eyes of the underworld are staring at me 

Lurking into the realm of desire, hankering my pure innocence 

There is no natural rhythm of evolution and unfolding 

Blindness’ is a perpetual wheel of development 

The only eternal teaching that the visible world has 

The eyes of the underworld are seizing all hope 

Like an army of the death they are endlessly interfering 


Darkness of not knowing

In the light of the day I can see the wholeness 

In the light of the night I can see the fracture 

We are all fragmented and unbalanced 

Looking for a side to lay down our armour 

The darkness of not knowing which side to favour 

Walking with knowledge entitles sacrifice

The light has thought us how to glimpse forward 

The night is showing us the birth of the darkness 

How do I perceive through the eyes of fire 

What is the message I should decipher?

Work on what has decayed shouts in my head 

The mental discomfort of not knowing is draining 

I am on the path of walking with knowledge 

But which darkness do I embrace the light or the night 


Shadow dance

I am dancing with my shadow self 

A dance of knowing and discovery 

Looking for a balance which I can maintain 

The tango of the masculine and feminine drains me 

The continuous conflict of power is exhausting on my mind 

Like a manipulated puppet I fell birthing hope 

My soul essence is incorporating my shadow 

Like a black rose I bloom in the night’s mystery 

Grasping every molecule of enlightenment, I encounter 

Raising my awareness to see the teachings of my soul 

The tango of shadows is telling me a story 

A story which I am yet to discover and appreciate 

I will dance with my shadow until I evaporate 


Dream away

In the bubble of the night I rejoice with my eternal self 

In the consecrated secrecy of my mind I encounter voices 

Are these my voices or coming from the energy field surrounding us

I feel the intensity of their darkness and I try shielding my shadow 

They will corrupt every mind on their way towards the surface 

Millions are living inside the fire of our cosmos core 

I dream them away from my reality and envision their egress 

When my mind is peaceful, I peel layer by layer the hopelessness

Despair is what I am left with but I dream myself away into nature 

Surrounding myself with the healing energy from the Mother 


Window of the soul

Look inside at the vibrational movement

The reverence of the waves is cunning

As an inexperienced medium we behave

Channelling unknown spiritual beings

We are looking for answers when they are looking for a home

To nest their unappealing desires

They see through our window of the soul

They can vibrate at higher levels and inhabit our minds

Our souls are fragile fruits of divinity

Who will allow to be inhabited will suffer

A suffering which cannot be explained

The window of the soul cannot be shut

But can be alarmed with the divine protection

The light of God is shining  upon us


Ray of light

In the ray of light, you shine so powerful

I elude towards my thinking and we start a conversation 

There is no mind to nurture darkness 

It has been thought by the tormentors 

To the feeble beings willing to follow 

There is just light when one begins to live 

The mind is pure with divine knowledge 

Its beauty upsets the balance of devilry 

The duality of one’s existence is shifting 

The ray of light appears to have a shadow 

Time will decide which balance will show 


Madness as a view

Why are you tormenting my thoughts and their clarity

Your atrocious ideas are not recognisable as mine

I do not offer you sovereignty over my dream state

The madness in your perspective is lacking authenticity

I know that your dreams are not real, not even mine

I feel a low vibration when you appear and I rejected

Because we share a consciousness you affect many humans

But my mind is pure and will not allow your demonic infiltrations

The game you play is tiresome and lacks imagination

Why don’t you allow us our well deserve existence

Did we not do enough to feed the darkness 

Greed and power is not a command we will follow in time

Love is where we will emerge with millions of souls

You can change direction, our might father will forgive your mistakes

Let us join our frequencies and mould a loving heart


Love your higher self

When I listen to you at night, my mind is so peaceful

You, my true identity explain the universe with such few words

My imagination is vibrating to higher realms of adoration

Those terrible conversations we used to have in the dark days

You never gave up on me, you always worship my human identity

Locked in that dark room you stayed for years starving of growth

I was vile when you only offered kindness and empowerment

I am here now embracing your existence and knowledge

Not late I hope, to ask forgiveness and give you my mind and soul

I want to learn the path of love, love my higher self

You are eternal in the essence of all existences and I am just a shell

I crave for your inner wisdom and nourishment of my thoughts

Show me your magic, my inseparable ray of the universe