The dream

I dream of you my tortured soul

I dream of you in white long robes

Like a petal in the wind, you are flying undisturbed

As I cry you show me the way

As I laugh you show me happiness

I dream of you my  higher self

I dream of you and feel complete

Like a dancer in the sky, you are guiding my way

I dream of love inside all hearts

I dream of joy above the skies

I dream of fullness in one’s mind

I dream of gratitude in one’s eyes

I dream of a dream


In the hands of time

In the hands of time, I put my faith

In the hands of time, I lost my way

I see no road towards belonging

I see no route towards enlightenment

In the hands of time, we lost our ancestors

In the hands of time, we lost their teachings

They are not seeing our failures

They are not seeing our decaying souls

In the hands of time, we are unsubstantial

In the hands of time, we will create a future

One that has no barriers of separation

One that brings our oneness to light



Freethought is hard to achieve when all is engineered

Manipulation of the masses has always been the trick of the farmer

When we are all disjointed wholeness is unachievable

Like a magnet, we are pulled together by an invisible force

A force which is pressured by pure freethought

The logic of the universe is charging our internal batteries

Slowly we are all moving back to the source

The internal clock is ticking and timing is precious

Our expiration date is written in the human code

Our freedom has long been manipulated

Our free will has long been misdirected

The timer will soon reposition evolution on the correct path


My prayer

When I pray I think of you, My One Creator

I imagine the silence surrounding you and I wish that for myself

I imagine your fluidity which encompasses the universe

How many galaxies have you created

How many fallen angels have you abandoned in the process

Are you wondering what are they doing

Your children have been suffering and now they are pure evil

Do you feel responsible for their darkness

Us, the farmed ones, with deep sorrow in our hearts accept them

We are ignorant to their deceit

Come again and rest your hand on our hearts

Sing to us a lullaby of hope, love and joy

The veil is lifting and we are ready to see you

Come to us we need you


In conversation with nature

How I desire another long discussion with you,  mother

How I wonder what are your sufferings and worries

You stopped listening to my thoughts and prayers

Have I upset you so badly that my voice has no power anymore?

We are lost without your guidance and riches

Have we played the last dance of creation

Are we ready to harvest the human soul

We are the only passing commodities in life

Where time is essential to all beings and entities

Are you giving up on our future  sequence

We apologise for being young and self-centred

Our calibration has not reached its full potential

Do teach us to be better at living and loving

We need your teachings and counselling

We need your love and protection

The shadows of time are approaching the harvest


The emptiness

The emptiness of the thought it makes me question the rationale of living

How do we participate in this massive void of parallels

Multidimensional opportunities are at our fingertips but we cannot reach them

We cannot perceive or comprehend them

In this banality of creation are we the farmers or the farmed

Is there a competition or are we aligned with a higher reason

My thoughts are hollow, my ideas are useless unless refined by the controllers

Do I see myself as something or as nothing

Do I perceive this illusion or do I enlighten it

The thought of my existence being managed

It sadness my core values and my pour soul is weeping

Being one with the creator is a distant thought

A musical feeling at a vibration I cannot reach

But who is the creator?



When you break the loop the sadness is overwhelming

The importance of this spiral world is intense

The human mind cannot comprehend the reality of  life

Like an experiment, we live in pockets of fantasy

Our makers are manipulating our destinies

Our mind is evolving only when they boost it

Our meaning and purpose are manufactured like an illusion

We only see what we are allowed to see

Traped inside our boxes we suffocate

Screaming for fresh air we get poison pumped inside

Camouflaged in life like a chameleon of hope

Fresh air is a commodity for the masses

The loop is bending for the coming  awakening

We will surrender to the unseen and unknown


The hidden path

The hidden path is coming into view

From behind the shadows a flickering light moves

The movement is faded by the cluster of needs

Now it is time to restore collective faith

To progress on the aligned  trajectory of procreation

Long has the path been diverted

Long has the path been clouded with invisible storms

Our eye is opening and the view is astonishing

The soul can see and hear the collective voice of the universe

We will stumble  when looking at the panorama

We will question the idea of creation

We will interrogate historic cycles

Long was the waiting for the promised journey

Long was the suffering for the promised land

The hidden path is our understanding of the knowledge of our ancestors

The mastery of life is in plain view

The hidden path is our saviour


Behind the shadow

Behind the shadows is a fake light

I look at it but I don’t dare to step forward

I wonder how can I see the truth

The two face mirror shows me different realities

The imitation of the actuality of living

The falsehood of reality is mystifying

Straight-line is my path but, how I  wonder

Do I have the strength to face my demons

Do I follow my path inside the darkness

Coming out will be a triumph but the battle will be strenuous

Energetically I feel my self-doubt

I am a conqueror but of who and what?

Relentless are my thoughts of happiness

Behind the shadows si one of me but which one?


The Jade Rider

The Jade Rider is looking towards the light

Sillhuets are walking in rows

They are all numb and blind

Have they lost their consciousness is he wondering

Snapping his whip to create lightning

Vortex’s of love he sends towards the crowds

Open the eye he whispers

Open your mind he  shouts

He sings a song of love, joy and hope

Harmonizing the emotional chaos

Stabilizing his roots in the new era

The Jade Rider shares his wisdom

Who will listen will be saved

Who will walk will wonder long