Green is life

Green is rot inside my soul

Green is life in an absurd

Why did green’s duplicity split the human authenticity

Growth and green are nurturing our nature decaying its essence

When the Mother will awake

Our souls will be define

By the death of the masses, our family is suffering

Her love for us is interchanging

From a gently motherly touch to an angered roar

Wrath and fury will inhabit our existence

Our Mother must not die

We are strong when we are in alignment

We are green and green is life


Movement in time

On a busy day, time is detrimental

You can learn to breathe or you can choose to be motionless

Inert is our vision of deadliness

Time is more than just a clock

Time is more than just a measure

Time is life beyond space and consciousness

Time equals evolution and transformation

Who are we to understand and define time

When we don’t apprehend its potential and flexibility

How do we correlate and harmonize with time

When we just Ignore it?


Blood be lost

The earth is red with the blood of the ancestors

The crimson mist is filling our fragile lungs

The taste is still in the putrefied darkness of our mother

Deep inside the soil, our blood feeds the serpent

Nourishing its maligned hunger for deadly sins spoken by the father

The heinous serpent of power suffocates light souls

Taking away the divine sparks and induces darkness

Rooted deep inside Gaia the music of change is vibrating

Our time will come when we will all be aligned with the ancestors

Blood for blood


O my star

Lift me higher to the realm of the stars

I am one with the Creator

Looking down to the midst of life

I see the little ants marching on

I am a star now, bright and hollow

Glorious above perfection

Sparkling light I beam to my fellow ants

Light be their path, light be their soul

As one day we will be one with The One 

Struggle comes with the soul of light

Millions of particles are in a human consciousness

Never clear, never wrong

Be your path under the cyan

Let it mould you, let it forge you

Up above it’s all so clear