Picture of self

My life is an empty picture frame

Hanging by a fragile thread

Floating in stillness

Holding on to the constant wall

My saviour in the darkness 

My supporter in the light

A rock, a crystal of imagination

An expanse of possibilities

The emptiness cannot hold one picture

Sliding through memories

Passing reminiscences of an old soul

One by one the pictures fade

Drawings of adventures

Like a rollercoaster going round and round

Melting slippery journey

They draw a path

One that will end one day

And the frame will find its purpose

Proof of my existence in this realm



Catch my freedom

it is in my tears

I lay upon you the kiss of hope

remember me as a warrior of light

from the water I arise

full of life and elixir

let the skies envelop me

murky green will overlay

in the darkness of the moon

make your peace with the wind

blow its essence on my wings

like a blanket

take my worries away

let the edges merge together

to extract my pain


Flame of the past

Cycles of eons passed, and you are still here

A constant, moulded within the landscape

Part of history and its making

Tucked into the shadows of nature 

Puppeting the humankind, controlling faith

young girl, dreaming, always in the realm of wonders

wishing for adventures and praying for obsoletion

fragile is your nature but everchanging

the game of hopes and scenarios have burst into flames

the fire of life, burned through the misery of reality

boundless by visualising inspiration

this fire, your fire is burning with intensity

lit in the stove by the door, poor house

memories of an old existence, inflate your pain

warming those dirty breakable bones

the sound of scorching and rustling

has always been music to those aching ears

unlocking forgotten reminiscences

with lost keys, that should’ve stayed unlocked 

too many voices within this realm want your soul

whispers, heavy with meaning guide this constant flame

fear, has engulfed your senses, nothing looks the same

you are stronger than more beings, young girl

let the flame burn through those sensations        

the perfervid fire is cleansing your consciousness

accept your path and leave this realm in peace


Gloom before the bloom

I am about to blossom

A little bud of life

A seed of knowledge

Has arise

Weak and fragile

Standing on two feet

Curious it is its nature

This journey of mine

At crossroads its stuck

Ambiguous are my roots

Searching, always probing for meaning

Look out and see nothing

Look inside and see more confusion

Borderline madness

Looking through the speculum

I see endless cycles of oblivion

The void is immeasurable

I need to find my flower

To bloom outside the gloom


Faceless desire

Through the rhythm of time we danced into celebration

We merged into tunes of speculation and dreams of exaltations

You hold my hand, tight, afraid this moment will disappear

Your breath smells like strawberries, with a hint of lavender

My walls are crushed, and I am awakening to the nightmare I am living

Another moment and we merge into a beautiful memory

I miss your soft voice, the tone of confidence you emanate

A dance for an orchestra of incantation, our souls are voicing

The little sad girl in my head is begging for your presence

Miserable are her thoughts, feeble images she inflicts upon me

This human shell of mine doesn’t feel pain or love, fear

Those are distant feelings, lost in a moment in time, far away

Pleading for the galactic distance to narrow down

My dreams, my dreams, my dreams of you portray

A faceless man into an unknown circumstance

Shining light embraces my memories of the days we were one

This rhythm of vibration which I cannot shake out of my brain is hurting

Voices and tonnes are surrounding me with your embracing hands

Let me go, man of the past and the future, my destiny is not here

My dreams, my dreams, my dreams are absent of feelings

This struggle is tiresome and unpredictable upon my heart

 A moment of peace I need to allow you in, but why?

The contradiction inside my head is exploding with every word

Every cell of my body is awakening to the resonance of your soul

Faceless man, why do you appear in my waking dream?


The dream inside the game

I wondered through time and space to find you

The dreams I sent your way did not voice my message

We speak a different language, in tonne and meaning

Between these walls of different realities, I feel lost

I want to talk to you, why can you not hear me?

I do not shout but I insist to be heard, to be seen

I have a tale of love to narrate, to express in feelings

My sketch of the endless void it has your soul encapsulated

Our romance hasn’t even started, and it is lost in time

Open your mind and perceive my possibilities

If you identify the blur which is me, I can come out

But I can see that you don’t want to catch sight of me

Like a ghost I wonder inside this realm

Don’t be afraid, we will adventure into life together

Learn, explore, understand and transform

Come join me into the house of cards I build for you

Each card is a possibility, notice the game?

The rules are simple, but you need to talk to me

This house will never break or disappoint you

Being trapped between your heart and mind is frustrating

This dreamless desire has meaning at its core

Nothing comes from nothingness

The dreams we experience together show clues of the game

The game of living portrays a beautiful picture

But only if you could see it,

Being blind is a gift, you can see but don’t want to follow

Why are you so stubborn?


The code of me

We broke the code 

The existence matrix 

Humanity has understood the word

The creation sequences 

Have we all become Gods?

The laughter, the amusement 

The heavens are chuckling at our ideas 

Arrogance is beseeched upon us 

Open the mind and see

A voice is always shouting 

Now one can hear it 

We lost that ability 

Lost our natural state 

The code is opening its gates

Numerical shapes of knowledge 

Open the mind and learn 

The annoying voice shouts 

The periodic rebuild has started 



Fly away, negative thought

You don’t belong in the minds of men

Fragile like a snowflake you are

Destructive like a galactic blast

Deceiving is your nature and concept

Transcending powers have only the conscious

Sleeping is the virus presently presiding

Thought, a value, an idea, a multitude of damage

Fly away and burn under the sun

Come back as a rain of sunshine

To warm our minds with love

Without you we will cease to exist

O, thought, be happy and let us breathe


Despair amour

Stay in my arms, let us get lost in our thoughts of love 

Seconds pass but time is unknown where is amour

I remember the days of intense staring at each other 

Maybe the other will give up first and all will be forgiven

With each tear, my soul is running into hiding 

The wall is rising to shield me from more suffering 

My love for you is so pure and gentle, unspoiled 

Taken away now by the wings of despair and pain

Floating lost into the unknown spreading agony 

Stay with me and let us build a fortress of happiness 

Take my tears away and crystallise them into memories 

Long forgotten reminiscences of a time of hopelessness 

Stay with me and warm my being with cherished moments 

My existence is linear without you in my sight 

Show me how to expand and transform this needful soul



What is a prophecy if not a story? 

A historical story tarped in time 

With no meaning or message 

Or both when understood correctly 

The destruction of time is upon us

It has been prophesied in many ways

One end is the beginning of everything

Fear will only slow the process 

Stronger we stay together and fight 

Doubt is the enemy of totality

Do Gods doubt? 

If they do, then we are superior 

With no doubt comes accomplishment 

An era of revelation and achievements 

Where small and mighty are related by blood 

Where destruction is just a fabrication